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Art Practice for/of Social Justice in Bijlmer Parktheater

20 september 2019 - 20:00

Met o.a. Patricia Kaersenhout en Christine Ayo

The latest issue of Kunstlicht Journal explores ways to understand justice. #SayHerName is a social movement that seeks to raise awareness for black female victims of police brutality and anti-black. In many ways artists in the Netherlands are committed to breaking through these structures of invisiblity. During this evening various artistic practices / performances are presented that make the colonial structures of violence and social inequality visible from the perspective of the black woman.

A  presentation will be held by artist Christine Ayo and short clips by performance / visual artist Patricia Kaersenhout will be shown. A panel discussion will be held with ECHO Ambassador Mireille Zita Ngizwenayo, Christine Ayo and Human Rights PhD candidate Lisenne Delgado. We close the evening with the festive launch of the new issue of Kunstlicht, Radical Imaginings: Art Practices of & for Justice! On this evening the magazine is available for purchase with discount.


Artpractices for social justice

TEDTALK Kimberley Crenshaw
Theoretical framework Intersectionality and how this is reflected in the US legal system. Violent acts against black women are not recognized, because they take place at the intersection of gender and race. The legal system does not recognize these forms of oppression. Crenshaw uses the example of #SAYHERNAME to show the reality in how invisible these violent actions are.

Christine Ayo – Art & Activism / Voicing Entebbe
Ayo raised €5000 through front art to set up her project. An article about this appears in the magazine. The project Voicing Entebbe addresses the issue of gender based violence within marginalized communities in Uganda which has recently manifested through the spate rape and murders of 23 Ugandan women from may 2017. The project aims to show that art and activism can intersect and encourage dialogue about such critical issues. Voicing Entebbe is bigger than the rape and murders of voiceless women, Voicing Entebbe is us. Christine Ayo will share with the audience how intersection or gender and race is specific to violence committed on black female bodies.

Patricia Kaersenhout Stitches of Power Art Performance Fragment
Kaersenhout shows an excerpt from one of her pieces Stitches of Power in which a piece from the Black Power Mix Tape comes back in which Angela Davis tells about violence committed on black women. In the edition of the magazine you can read an article about Patricia’s performance. Patricia tells something about this. Her performance art shows how we can make the stories of black women audible and visible in a worthy way.

Mireilla Zita Ngizwenayo Social action plan Ethnic profiling
Zita works for the Diversity and expertise center ECHO in The Hague. She wants to set up a social action plan where the focus is on ethnic profiling specifically from the experience of the black woman. There is not enough attention for this. She tells more about the situation as it is visible in the Netherlands. Intersectionality plays a crucial role in all these stories and how this relates to the legal system, and we look at how art / (art)tivism expresses this.

Moderator Lisenne Delgado
Delgado is a PHD candidate University of Utrecht. Research on human rights education in Curaçao and art. 7 of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination.


20 september 2019
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